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The life you want is available to YOU

You're STUCK, you've tried everything but still are unmotivated, can't sleep, can't shake this habit that you know is so unhealthy for you. You're staying in a job you hate and relationship that's abusive. Everything in life is a mess!

What would your life look like without this problem? 

Fun, present, care-free, able to make a difference in the world...

Who would you get to be without this issue? 

Self-expressed, connected, excited, relaxed...

Who do you not get to be because of this issue? 

Independent, happy, calm, peaceful...

What's on the line?

Family, finances, freedom...

RTT will help get you UNSTUCK quickly 

​                     UNBLOCK 

  • Your feelings of unworthiness

  • Your fear of getting rejected

  • Your fear of speaking out when you’re hurt

  • Your feelings of not being ENOUGH - smart enough, thin or fit enough, beautiful enough, funny enough, wealthy enough

  • The reason why you let negative statements in

  • Your feelings of lack of confidence

  • Why you feel you don’t deserve all things beautiful in your life – love and healthy relationships, a strong supportive family unit, wealth and abundance, art and travel, physical health, strength and wellness


Bright Room
Laptop Work

In-Office sessions take place at my office inside of Aurora Natural Medicine in Gilbert, AZ. A beautiful and relaxing space for your 90 minute-2 hour session.

Virtual Sessions take place at the location of your choice via Zoom for your 90 minute - 2 hour session.


Group workshops on a variety of subjects. Motivation, inner healing, weight reduction, speaking, team building, performance, confidence, and more. Take your entire group or team to the next level with a powerful group RTT or Rules of the Mind session.



3651 E Baseline Rd E-121, Gilbert AZ 85234

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