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What is hypnosis like? 

It's a very relaxing state, you'll look like you're sleeping. Your eyes are closed and we're talking the entire time. You are aware of what you're saying and doing the entire time. Hypnosis allows you to deeply relax. Most say it feels like a meditation. No dancing like a chicken or falling in love with fire hydrants!!

How many sessions do I need? 

That depends on what level of transformation you're looking for, what issue we're working on and what you want for yourself. This type of therapy is not a pill or Bandaid. We're not masking the issue, we're going to the root of it and "peeling the layers off". How quickly those layers are peeled off is up to you.


Who is this for? 

Most of my clients have already identified that they have an issue and tried many other things on their own or with others to get rid of this issue. They've read all the books, listened to all the podcasts, YouTube shows, and more. Most have worked with a traditional talk therapist for years, and "that's helped" a little bit but "there's still something there", "they're still feeling stuck". 

How is this different from EMDR?

EMDR prevents someone from being able to access a response in the same way they did before where as RTT helps someone change the belief /meaning/interpretation that a person has attached to the events that create a response within them. RTT is an overall way of not only dealing with the events, but also dealing with the individual, their thoughts, their feelings, their beliefs, and their self-esteem all at once. RTT gets the clients subconscious mind to take them back to necessary scenes as opposed to assuming what memories need to be addressed. The memories that someone can consciously recall during EMDR may only be secondary to the events that are the root cause of someone's distress. 

RTT works faster and with fewer sessions. 

EMDR uses conscious memories. RTT works with the SUBCONSCIOUS and extracts the root cause of the issue. I've had it explained that its the difference between taking a bucket of water to a house fire over and over (EMDR) vs. calling the fire deaprtment to put out the fire completely (RTT) (from someone whose experienced both) 

EMDR does not get to the root causes that form guiding beliefs, often called "core beliefs". It targets branches of those beliefs, not the root, so without maintenance the beliefs will sprout back up. 

EMDR zeroes in on, deconstructs, and reframes conscious memories. EMDR if done well will unlock repressed memories. EMDR is about ensuring a client can self regulate when a trigger happens. RTT changes the belief at the subconscious level and EMDR is just processing any memories that get stuck and the hippocampus hasn't time stamped to say they are now in the past to desensitizing and processing a new belief attached to the trauma. EMDR is for those stuck memories that when someone thinks of them, they get all the somatic memories coming of anxiety, muscle tension as it's like that memory is happening now. They constantly living in their emotional part of the brain and provides temporary results.