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Quiet Desk

Just like an in person, only it's virtual and takes place at the location of your choice via Zoom for a 90 minute - 2 hour session.


It begins with reviewing the intake forms for 15-20 minutes and pinpointing exactly what you would like to change and how you would like to feel once the presenting issue is no longer part of your life. This is followed by the RTT session which does include hypnosis and regression. It combines cognitive behavioral therapy and neurolinguistic programming techniques to get to and uninstall the programming that's causing this issue to be present in your life, then uninstall that programming after getting to the root cause of it. 

During the last part of the session I create a personalized recording specifically for you. It is essential that you listen to the recording for at least 21 consecutive days, sometimes longer to get true and lasting change.

I continue to follow up with you for 28 days post session.