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"The common denominator of all our emotional issues comes from an inner feeling of 'I am not enough."

                     - Marisa Peer

What is the process like?

Step 1 - 20 minute phone or in person conversation
On our 20 minute discovery call, I use this time to find out about what issues are affecting and impacting your life. We use this time to pinpoint the area of your life that you're ready for a transformation. Next,  we schedule a 2 hour block of time for our session and collect payment. You'll complete the online Client Intake Form with Terms & Conditions  and return at least 48 hours before our session.

Step 2– Rapid Transformational Therapy Session
Our session can take place in office or via Zoom and will last approximately 1.5 - 2 hours. It begins with an initial 15-20 minute review and clarifies intake form. Pinpoints and exactly what the issue is you would like to change and how you would will feel and live once this issue is no longer impacting your life. After reviewing the intake form, our RTT session begins which includes becoming comfortably relaxed using hypnosis, regression, and guided questioning taking us directly to the root cause of your issue, your interpretation of past events that are causing this issue in your life today. You'll be guided to an understanding and reframing of your interpretation of the impact these past events and receive a transformational hypnotic recording allowing you to be free from your issue.   

During the last part of the session I create a personalized recording specifically for you. It is essential that you listen to the recording for at least 21 consecutive days, sometimes longer.

Step 3– Post Session
I send your personal recording to you via e-mail for you to download this recording onto your mobile or computer. It is absolutely vital that you listen to your recording daily for at least 21 days after your RTT session. The recording is designed specifically for you to meet your needs. Repeatedly listening to your recording allows the new, positive and affirming beliefs to be firmly installed into your mind, re-wiring your mind to break those old unwanted habits. 60% of the transformation is done in the therapy session. The remaining 40% is your commitment to listening to the audio.

Rapid Transformational Therapy RTT is about creating and installing new habits of belief that result in positive habits of action. I will check in with you the day following our session, and once a week after the session to support you throughout this period of transition. After the 21 day listening period we will schedule an additional check in call for reflection and celebration. (This is all included in the session fee).