3651 E Baseline Rd E-121, Gilbert AZ 85234

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Quiet Desk

Workshops I host range from a variety of topics including the "Rules of the Mind", increasing sales and performance, becoming your ideal weight, increasing confidence, breaking through limiting beliefs, and clearing out toxic thoughts from your body and mind with a Healing Vortex session.

I've held workshops covering a range of topics from those listed above and more. I've held workshops with large corporations, gyms, and private events . A workshop going into the power of your subconscious mind to create lasting change can be catered to meet your groups needs and goals. 

I am having a workshop at Delta Life Fitness in Gilbert on January 18th at 1515 N. Gilbert Rd STE 101 Gilbert, Arizona 85234

You CAN be thin! You CAN be an ideal weight!Have you ever been skeptical of diets? US TOO! They don't work or at least they don't last!Transforming what we understand of how we eat, what we eat, and practices to acknowledge that many (most) of us do NOT have a healthy relationship with food. Sure, we LOVE food and we need it but let's delve into the different kinds of eaters, start reprogramming what we think about food and end dieting FOREVER!Sarah Pacaro, an experiences and amazing transformation specialist will be here to guide us into subconscious reprogramming so we can be confident to make the best possible nutrition choices with a lot less thinking, planning, and stressing like diets often do!This event is open to the public FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, all ages and fitness levels.